Use of JPython with Java Question

John J. Lee phrxy at
Sun Nov 19 19:27:58 CET 2000

On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, Ian Bolton wrote:

> I'm writing a text-based adventure game in Java and have decided to script
> the behaviour of items with JPython.

Sorry if I misunderstand your requirements, but you probably don't want to
do that.  Try Hugo, Inform or TADS, or I guess (just searched and found this) PAWS - you can guess what that last
one stands for.  I think text adventure games are one of the few areas
that not only has more developers than users, but more tool-developers
than developers!  Well, almost.  Many text adventure (aka IF, Interactive
Fiction) writing systems have been written, few are ever used by anybody.
You would be duplicating a lot of work if you were to write a game without
using one of these systems.

Roughly, Hugo is to Inform as Python is to Perl (IMHO).  I don't know
anything about PAWS, other than that it uses Python of course.  I think
the order of popularity is Inform, TADS, Hugo, then everything else a long
way down the list.  I may be out of date though, try
Inform is interesting because it compiles to the old z-machine bytecode as
used by the original Infocom games, which runs on more platforms than
Python even, including 'the Java platform'.


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