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Grant Griffin not.this at
Thu Nov 16 23:06:28 CET 2000

June Kim wrote:
> I've read some comparisons between Ruby and Python from Ruby-centric view.
> They estimate that four years will see Ruby overtake Python.
> Has anyone used Ruby here? or are there some documents at least unbiased --
> yet,  Python-centric view would be okay if not too fictional.

Not knowing anything about Ruby beyond what I've read in a couple of
online articles, it sounds like it's competition for Perl more than
Python.  Specifically, it seems to be pretty Perlish, except that it
seems to have cured some of Perl's flaws; from what I read, it seems to
be "a better Perl".  (Those who design a "new" programming language
don't have to perpetually repeat the lessons of history for the sake of
backwards compatability. <wink>)

But while I was reading about Ruby, one thing stood out.  Ruby's creator
said something to the effect that he didn't like Python's use of
indentation to denote blocks.  True, that's a relatively rare feature in
the pantheon programming languages, and perhaps in the big scheme of
things it's not something every language oughtta have.  But the true
Pythoneer understands why Python does that, and he loves Python for it. 
So while I can't predict which languages the masses will prefer in the
future, I think it's fair to say that Pythoneers, at least, are likely
to continue to prefer Python to a language designed by someone who
(frankly) "just doesn't get it"*.

besides,-"a-better-perl"-is-an-oxymoron-<wink>-ly y'rs,

*see  For those of us whose
approach to programming adheres to these principle, no programming
language known to Man allows us to express ourselves better than Python.

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