[pyobjc] NSAutorelease support

Bill Bumgarner bbum at codefab.com
Thu Nov 9 00:42:40 CET 2000

AFAIK, Carbon on MacOS does not include ObjC-- so, no point in going to the  
relatively primitive CoreFoundation API because it won't gain portability to  
that environment and it will greatly impede portability to GnuStep/OpenStep....

I'm thinking that we can keep the basic code structure as is, but simply  
rewrite the internals to the modern underlying APIs.

BTW:  I have patches to makesetup and Python v. 2.0 that both fixes bugs and  
adds support for OSXS and OSX external shlib based modules... I'll try to pull  
'em together and forward 'em sometime soon.


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On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Bill Bumgarner wrote:

> Ultimately, I think what we need to do is *rewrite* the module entirely
> because of all of the changes between both OSX and Python 2.0.

I also think this is likely.

A lot will need to be done to add better Darwin/MacOSX/Carbon/Cocoa support
and there doesn't appear to be a line of people willing to test changes
for GnuStep or OpenStep. As CoreFoundation is common to Darwin and MacOSX,
as well as CarbonLib on Classic MacOS, it would seem to make sense to
build ontop of that ( CFBundle and the plugin-services [sort of COM for
the Mac] ) rather than NSBundle et.al. which are only on OSX.
( and I assume GnuStep/NextStep/OpenStep )

Still, it might be good to get out one last "legacy" release of pyobjc --
Darwin and MacOSX might spark some more interest in Objective-C and

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