Ruby and Python

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Nov 16 15:55:14 CET 2000

June Kim wrote:
> I've read some comparisons between Ruby and Python from Ruby-centric view.
> They estimate that four years will see Ruby overtake Python.

"Four years"?  In the computer industry, and in terms of "Internet
time", that's so far beyond anyone's ability to predict that it's an
irrelevant claim.  Java was announced only five years ago and look where
it is compared to all the claims made in the early days (although it's
stood up remarkably well).

> Has anyone used Ruby here? or are there some documents at least unbiased --
> yet,  Python-centric view would be okay if not too fictional.

There are some unbiased views out there, if you just search (Try for example).

I would judge it extremely unlikely that anything will "unseat" Python
in the minds, hearts, and companies of many people for quite some time. 
That's because it is extremely effective, easy to learn and maintain,
fun, powerful, flexible, and integrates so many different things
together that it's not even funny.

If you have practical reasons for needing Ruby (small memory space?) it
would doubtless be a very good solution for you.  If you have no
specific driving need for what Ruby gives you that Python does not,
Python will, IMHO, be a far more suitable option.

Peter Hansen

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