How to use BLT2.4 and Tcl/tk8.3 under Windows9X/NT ?

howard at howard at
Sat Nov 4 01:06:47 CET 2000

Following up on myself as it were.....

I was unable to get the blt2.4u for 8.3 bltwish shell to run until I
copied the library directories to be under Python20\Libs.  Bltwish
then was able to run its own demos (graph1.tcl).

The following program :
   from Tkinter import *
   import Pmw


works in 1.5.2 but fails as follows on 2.0:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 5, in ?
  File "c:\python20\Pmw\Pmw_0_8_4\lib\", line 260, in
    Tkinter.Widget.__init__(self, master, _graphCommand, cnf, kw)
  File "c:\python20\lib\lib-tk\", line 1758, in __init__
TclError: invalid command name "::blt::graph"

Significantly, the Dos window hangs after this and must be terminated
forcefully (forceably ?).  It seems to me that this is a symptom of
mismatched DLL's somewhere.

Still hoping for a good idea from someone......
Howard Lightstone
howard at

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