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Gary Herron gherron at aw.sgi.com
Fri Nov 10 00:40:43 CET 2000

Hemau wrote:
> I´m really confused!
> Reading the Zope Book on www.zope.org I´m told about a product
> called 'Python Method (internal)' or 'Restricted Python Methon' , which
> can added like other products to a Zope-site and with which You
> can add native Python Methods easily to Zope. I use Zope 2.2.2  for Win32
> and I cann't find this product. Where is it?
> Please help!

I asked the same question of Shane Hathaway <shane at digicool.com> and got
back the following response.

> Gary Herron wrote:
> > I'm confused about the current state of Python Methods.  Your voting
> > page calls them a "relatively new concept" and the Zope Book talks about
> > them as if they already exist, but I can't find any way to create one in
> > my current version of Zope 2.2.2 (binary release, python 1.5.2,
> > win32-x86).
> "Relatively new", in this case, means "created last year".  Compared
> with DTML, the concept is quite new.
> > So thinking that they were being developed for the next version of Zope,
> > I downloaded the CVS snapshot just minutes ago, and can't find any
> > mention of them there either.  Am I being stupid and missing something
> > obvious?
> > Python methods are intended for the next version of Zope but are
> > currently in a different CVS repository.
> > Even if they are not stable, I would like to play with them in
> > preperation of a project I hope to commence soon.
> I hope the people in charge can get the next release together soon.
> Shane
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