Confused about "standard" top-level structure of a Tk app

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sun Nov 19 11:36:54 CET 2000

I don't do much GUI programming, so every time I decide to write such a
program I have to relearn it all.  I'd like to create a Tkinter application
consisting of a top-level application window with a menubar at the top and a
frame beneath it into which I will insert most/all of my application

Once I get to the point where I have a handle on the frame into which I can
insert my widgets, I'm fine.  It's the relationship between the widgets at
the outermost level (the toplevel widget, the menu and its elements, and the
main application frame) that confuse me.  Every example I've looked at in
either the Python source tree or the references found on the Tkinter page of
the Python web site seems to construct this basic functionality differently.

This is such a common idiom I would have thought there was a single
preferred way of doing it.  Does someone have a bit of skeleton code for
this top-level structure?


Skip Montanaro (skip at
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