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>Why aren't we using the standard Linux ping as a command?  Is 
>somehow faster?

The standard Linux ping is standard only on Linux.  And maybe not even
on all Linuxes.  But Python is cross-platform, and it crosses to some
odd platforms.

I wrote a utility program (not Python) to parse and normalize ping
output so it could be loaded into a database.  (The customer used ping
to periodically check troublesome network segments, I think.  ICBW.)
Anyway, they had four versions of ping that produced identifiably
different outputs.  

The Windows NT ping was particularly evil.  (Could be NT redirection
is the evil; I don't know.)  NT's ping, redirected to a file,
terminated each line with 0x0D 0x0D 0x0A.  Looked fine until you
dumped it in hex.

Mike Sherrill
Information Management Systems

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