python, DCOracle or other, Oracle client, RedHat 7.0?

Ari Davidow ari_deja at
Fri Nov 10 17:36:46 CET 2000

  I feel caught between the bizarre and the improbable, and it's all
 probably true.

 I have a python program that wants to do some fairly simply stuff
 with an Oracle database--the basics: "select" and "insert". That's
 as much SQL as I almost know, anyway.

 So, to run this program from my NT machine, I had to install Oracle
 client, and then an ODBC module. That's more code than my program,
 itself, uses.

 Now, I want to move this code to a Linux box. This particular box
 uses RedHat 7.0, because that's what our sysadmins think they'd
 like to learn. There's no Oracle ODBC drivers, but that's okay,
 I guess, because now I'm in an environment where I can compile
 the DCOracle module that will talk directly to Oracle. Except that,
 apparently, this still means that I need an Oracle client for
 Linux, for this particular version of Linux, with an apparently
 variant glibc.... I'm not finding any info at all on the Oracle
 technet website. Neither is our dba. Does anyone have any idea
 if there is recourse here?

 I guess, the question boil down to: do I really need an Oracle
 client, and if so, where do I go to see what is available, much less,
 to get one. And maybe, "has anyone solved this problem more sanely?
 Since my code isn't on the same computer as the database (and, we
 thought, really doesn't want to be) are we wrong--should I still
 this on the same computer where the Oracle db is running. Or, since
 I need to talk to two separate dbs, on both?

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