Is Python any good with MySQL?

Miles R. Fidelman fidelman at
Tue Nov 7 00:58:21 CET 2000

Stephen R. Figgins (fig at wrote:

: Jon Ribbens wrote:
: > I have extensive experience with PHP, which has eventually driven me
: > to give up on it and move to Python. I really, really dis-recommend it.

: Could you contrast the two for us, and why it is you have moved to python?

The biggest difference is mode of operation.  Python is an external
language that you access through the cgi interface or mod_python.  PHP is
in-line code that you use within HTML pages.

Beyond that, I'd suggest comparing the documentation for the two
languages, looking through some sites that have been built with each,
nosing around both PHP and Python newsgroups/mail lists and drawing your
own conclusions. 

Ultimately, what I've found is that the selection of which language to use
for a project comes down to a mixture of personal preference coupled with
what kind of pre-written code is available to simplify the job. In the
latter respect, I've found perl (CPAN) the best, and both PHP and Python
to have less in the way of broad-based libraries of code.

Miles Fidelman

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