P*rl in Latin, whither Python?

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In article <MzWR5.35753$wW2.977517 at news1.giganews.com>, Nick Bensema wrote:

>Actually, I think the unpopularity of Esperanto owes to that it
>doesn't really have a "killer app" that is obvious to the
>public.  People learn Spanish to speak to Mexicans, Latinos,
>and Spaniards.  People learn German and French to speak to
>Germans and French people and to read written works in their
>respective original languages.  But why would someone learn
>The killer app for Esperanto might be travel to foreign
>countries in which the language is not widely known, or
>politically charged.

English has already cornered that market.  Throughout much of
the world, people learn English as a second language not
necessarily to speak to the English/Americans/Canadians but to
speak to other people who have English as a second Language.

French used to be the language of choice for this (that's why
all sorts of Diplomatic stuff is still in French).

A while back, I spent a couple weeks at an oil field in Oman.
The operation was run by Royal Dutch Shell with the actual work
was done by various immigrants.  Everything was done in
English, even though there were very few native Enlish speakers

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