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Thu Nov 2 00:06:31 CET 2000

Thank you so much, Gerrit, for helping out a newbie.  You are very kind
to a poor soul who is very clueless.

> > I (as myself, not root) installed python 2.0b1
> > [...]
> I don't understand. If you didn't install as root, how
> can he have put files in /usr/local? You shouldn't have
> writing access there.

Ah ha, the mystery is explained.  The reason there was something
in /usr/local was that Mr. root had installed Python 2.0 later and
without telling me.  That also explains why I couldn't delete it.  My
install must have gone somewhere else.

The weird thing is that when I type "which python" I
get "/usr/bin/python/", which shouldn't be my install either, for two
reasons.  (A) Why would I have write permissions in /usr/bin but
not /usr/local/bin? and (B) I was sure I installed a 2.0 beta,
but /usr/bin/python is calling itself 1.5.2.  Obviously I need to talk
more with my sysadmin.

> > Please forgive such a newbie question, but "make
> > uninstall" is the only method I know to get rid
> > of a program, that just gives me
> Yau can simply remove the different parts with "rm". If it's not
> installed as RPM that isn't dangerous anyway.

I'm off to rm everything I can get my hands on.  It's good to know it
isn't dangerous.  ;-)  Also I will try to get on better terms with my


> Save Mother Earth! -- Earth First! --

Amen!  And vote for Nader!

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