MoinMoin vs ZWiki

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Nov 21 05:53:36 CET 2000

wade at wrote:
> Has anybody tried both MoinMoin and Zwiki? I'm trying to get a wikiwiki
> going with a minimum of administrative overhead. Don't need the other
> Zope features right now, though if Zwiki is roughly comparable for
> reliability & ease of use, I'd probably go that way & then have the
> rest of Zope available.

I can't comment on MoinMoin, but ZWiki is definitely (a) reliable, and
(b) easy to use.  Zope itself is not quite there (in all respects) in
the latter category (but definitely there in the former), but the
tradeoff may still be worth it.  

You might provide a little hint as to your intended use so as to improve
the quality of the advice you receive.  Can't hurt... :)

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