PIL for Python 2.0 on Win32?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at effbot.org
Thu Nov 2 21:15:41 CET 2000

David Smith wrote:
> Robin Becker wrote:
> > I have put a PIL _imaging.pyd at
> >
> > ftp://ftp.reportlab.com/win32-dlls/2.0/_imaging.pyd
> > --
> > Robin Becker
> I downloaded the file, thank you very much.  But can you give us some
> more hints on what to do with it?  I placed it in c:/Python20/DLLs, but
> that is evidently not enough to get it installed.

robin only posted the binary file; you also need PIL.pth and
the PIL directory from the source distribution:


just copy the PIL.pth file and the PIL directory to a suitable
directory along your Python path.  e.g:



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