C's syntax (was Re: Python Formatted C Converter (PfCC))

Grant Griffin not.this at seebelow.org
Wed Nov 1 19:39:13 CET 2000

In article <39FF19FB.9C4950FC at geneva-link.ch>, Boris says...
>Grant Griffin wrote:
>> it seems likely that nearly all
>> Pythoneers speak C
>I find such a form of assumption a bit offensive, in the
>sense that they deny the right to be representative, to
>any pythoneer that does not "speak C". BTW, imho prog. languages
>are more like girlfriends than foreign languages, as far as
>memory of specific anatomical details are concerned.

No need to take offense: none was intended.  Of course, there are _many_ fine
programming languages out there (and Perl, too <wink>), and I bet (beware:
assumption ahead!) that most folks here speak at least three.  Also, I bet C is
widely found among those.  (Heck, they even teach C in _college_ nowadays!)

>So : Yes, schools (and even employers) tend to impose that
>particular girlfriend on you, but what is your business
>assuming the general memorability of the experience ? ;-)

(what was the question? <wink>)

date-as-many-programming-languages-as-you-can-ly y'rs,



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