ANN: ALPY, 3D spatial sounds in Python

Bram Stolk bram at
Mon Nov 20 07:22:30 CET 2000


ALPY - The OpenAL/Python connection
version 1.0

I'm proud to announce ALPY, a layer between loki's OpenAL (see
and Python (see ALPY is released under the GPL license.

ALPY allows you to create localized sound sources (in three dimensions)
by specifying a few simple things.

In Python script, this is a minimal test:

  from libal import *
  se = SoundEngine(22000);               # 22 KHz mix freq
  s  = SoundSource("softswitch.wav");
  s.Play(1);                             # 1 for looping, 0 for single shot

Disclaimer: this is NOT a complete binding for the full OpenAL API.
Although I started out with this intention, I think that OpenAL is too low
level for a simple Python binding. Instead, the binding is a swigged (see set of C++ classes.

For more info, Please see

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