On linux, upgrading to Python 2.0?

Joal Heagney s713221 at student.gu.edu.au
Mon Nov 20 11:11:23 CET 2000

Charles Boncelet wrote:
> I'd like some advice on how best to upgrade a Red Hat 6.2 system
> from python 1.5.2 to BeOpen-python-2.0. I use rpm's as much as
> possible.
> Problem: BeOpen wants to install python in /usr/local/bin/python,
> while python 1.5.2 is in /usr/bin/python.  Also, lots of rpms
> want python 1.5.2 or expect the executable in /usr/bin/python.
> I tried installing both, but ran into problems getting them to
> recognize extension modules.
> I'd be perfectly happy running only python 2.0, if only I could
> figure out how.
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I'm not to sure about how you deal with the rpms wanting python 1.5.2,
I'm having the same problem. I also got impatient with python 2.0
putting itself into /usr/local, and couldn't figure out how to use the
rpm --prefix to only shift part of the distribution to the desirable
place, so I just su'd to root, rpm'd the package, then went to
/usr/local/bin and mv python /usr/bin. Messy when I want to uninstall,
but acceptable. *sighs*

In the end I found it was less hassle to just build from source, and
install using the makefile's make alt-binary option. Besides the less
effort, I wanted the built-in modules audioop and imageop, and the RH
binary doesn't seem to have been built with them included. *sighs*

Joal Heagney/AncientHart

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