PIL for Python 2.0 on Win32?

Robin Becker robin at jessikat.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Nov 4 02:05:47 CET 2000

In article <8tvk0k$93a$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>, vplatt at my-deja.com writes
>Err.. sorry about that.  Here's the real error message:
>  File "d:\python20\pil\ImageTk.py", line 86, in __init__
>    self.paste(image)
>  File "d:\python20\pil\ImageTk.py", line 123, in paste
>    import _imagingtk
>ImportError: No module named _imagingtk
I don't have an _imagingtk at all; I guess I don't use it. I'll try and
do a complete rebuild soon with the latest PIL source.
Robin Becker

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