Pickle question

Mike Fletcher mfletch at tpresence.com
Sat Nov 4 07:10:09 CET 2000

Better (more explicit) to use something like this (untested, of course ;o)

class UnpicklableError(TypeError):
	def __getinitargs__( self ):
		raise self

UNPICKLABLEOBJECT = UnpicklableError()

So that you don't ever need to worry about people adding functionality to
pickle, you've explicitly made sure this object can never be pickled.


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From: Carl Banks [mailto:idot at vt.edu]
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Subject: Pickle question
So, what I do is add an unpicklable object as an attribute, like so:
	a.picklestop = Ellipsis

Now, my question is: is the Ellipsis object guaranteed to be
unpicklable in all future versions of Python, or might someone get
bored someday and decide to add Ellipsis support to the pickle module,
thus breaking my code?

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