KevinL darius at
Tue Nov 7 12:20:53 CET 2000

How are you storing the module in the database, I'd be very curious?

Suggest the 'new' module would be more appropriate to what you're doing - it's 
nowhere near as filesystem-specific as most of the other import-related 
modules were, at least in 1.5.2/1.6 - I'll admit to not having looked at 
imputils in 2.0 yet :|

(using new to store method source/bytecode in database and re-create/re-bind 
on the fly, if you want (grungy) sample code of that)

>>> Magnus Heino wrote
> Hi.
> Does anyone have any docs or examples on using distributed with 
> python2.0?
> I want to be able to import a module not located on the filesystem, but in 
> a database. And from what I understand, the imputil modules shoule be able 
> to help me do this. But as it is right now, I dont understand a thing of 
> what it is doing...
> /Magnus
> -- 


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