Python and Databases ?

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Tue Nov 14 12:24:30 CET 2000

"Dale Strickland-Clark" <dale at> wrote in message
news:tb021tkioc6d2hfkpt5rp8hin1omenqj07 at
> haven't tried it yet as I'm reasonably happy using ADO through COM. ADO is
very fast and flexible
> and really easy to drive with Pyton, as long as you understand COM.

Seconded, IF you'll never need to move your platform to non-Windows
(or, if you're carefully wrapping your ADO-using parts so you can
recode them to the DB-Api if and when needed).  ADO (and ADOX) let
me do lots of cool stuff in very handy AND well-performing ways
(not just relational DB access, either -- multidimensional [OLAP] and
hierarchical accesses are quite well-supported too).


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