Red/Green Bars

Olivier Dagenais olivierS.dagenaisP at canadaA.comM
Wed Nov 8 15:38:22 CET 2000

> For those who stuck with this ludicrous thread I spun off: there's a
> silly comedy show on Canadian TV called The Red Green Show, starring
> 'Red Green', a bumbling handy-man-type backwoods Mr. Fixit sort of
> fellow who generally solves most household problems by the application
> of generous quantities of duct tape.  It used to be funny, too.

I'm pretty sure The Red Green Show is sometimes available in the states,
too.  You *could* call it the canadian version of "The Man Show", although I
would recommend you viewers don't assume all canadians are like that...

Keep-your-stick-on-the-ice-ly y'rs,

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