Python Database Query Size

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Sun Nov 12 11:59:46 CET 2000


Recently, i've used ODBC API from PYTHONWIN to access an ORACLE database.
I was able to read 80000  rows from a table without problems using

I think the limit  of  fetchall() is the limit of  the memory and not a
limit  of  the LIST.

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> Hi,
> I have arround 1000000 rows of data in my oracle database. I'm using
> python ODBC-API to make a connection and query the database. Just want
> to know how large python fetchall() and fetchmany() can query the
> databse.This is because when i'm trying to query about 10000 row of
> data from my oracle database, my idle was stop working.
> This is also happen in Zope Webserver.Right now i'm running zope as a
> standalone web server on windows platform. When i'm trying to query an
> heavy database Zope web server cannot had had thread service that means
> another user cannot acces to zope.. the system also 'hang-up'.
> I'm trying to check to another programme like php and asp to see it
> performance. I think python list '[]' size cannot hold large data in
> one time.. it will crash...
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