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> This isn't _strictly_ a Python question, but regards something I'd
> like to do with Python....  I have a need to fish some information out
> of a set of PowerPoint presentations - in particular, I'd like to
> extract the notes pages and generate a report showing the notes and
> the pages they apply to . Looks like Python's quite capable of doing
> this sort of work, and I've got win32all loaded up, but I'm having
> trouble locating information...there seems to be some information
> floating around about Word and Excel and how they provide access
> through COM, but I can't find anything on PowerPoint.  Looked like

VBAPPT9.CHM is the helpfile for the PowerPoint object model
in Office 2000 (you have to install the "visual basic help files",
just as for other Office apps!).  It has reference, and examples
too I think, just like its counterparts for other Office apps.

MSPPT9.OLB has the typelib file in which it's described (you
can use makepy, Ole/COM object viewer, etc, to get details).

for a graphical summary of that Object-Model.

Also, the Microsoft Office 2000 Language Reference (also on MSDN)
also covers Powerpoint 2000.  See, e.g.,


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