Zope - Python Method (internal)

Michel Pelletier michel at digicool.com
Fri Nov 10 02:39:40 CET 2000

Evan Simpson wrote:
> "Hemau" <hemau at aol.com> wrote in message
> news:20001109174431.28583.00000350 at ng-bk1.aol.com...
> > Reading the Zope Book on www.zope.org I´m told about a product
> > called 'Python Method (internal)' or 'Restricted Python Methon' , which
> > can added like other products to a Zope-site and with which You
> > can add native Python Methods easily to Zope. I use Zope 2.2.2  for Win32
> > and I cann't find this product. Where is it?
> Python Methods are available as an add-in Product, but the completely
> revamped version described by the Zope Book will be part of the Zope core
> starting with Zope 2.3.  Some of the information about Python Methods
> (including the name) may change before the book is finalized.
> The old PythonMethod Product is available at
> http://www.zope.org/Members/4am/PythonMethod

This version will not work with the book, you must check the version out
of CVS.


you want the cvs module 'Products/DC/PythonMethod'



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