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Olivier Dagenais olivierS.dagenaisP at canadaA.comM
Mon Nov 6 04:29:46 CET 2000

That sounds interesting, but maybe it would be easier (and faster) to embed
Python in one of the existing shells???

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"David" <root at> wrote in message
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> Some of you may be familiar with shell replacements for Windows -- things
> like LiteStep and GeoShell.  They're great, but they suffer a common
> problem: no scripting language.
> I've been mulling over the idea of a Python-based shell.  It'd be slower,
> yes, and it'd consume more memory -- but on my system, I think I'd give up
> those for the sake of being able to create a few toolbar items that would
> check and filter EMail for me, run a few apps at specific times, etcetera.
> I haven't the technical skill to create the shell myself.  If I were to
> create it, I'd use the wxWindows GUI, 'cause it would open up the
> possibility of porting to Linux and Mac.  But I suspect the Windows port
> requires the use of the Win32 components, so perhaps this would be a
> single-platform application. :-(
> Anyway, just thought I'd through the idea out there.  I'll be most pleased
> with the opportunity to write a little email checking module, if and when
> it happens. :)

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