Is config.h missing from 2.0 Python source for Win?

Jannie Hofmeyr jhsh at
Wed Nov 1 02:57:13 CET 2000

config.h is in the Pc directory of the Python 2.0 source distribution


In article <8tmjnp$kjo at>,
  "Robert Yodlowski" <robert.yodlowski at> wrote:
> I am puzzled. In the Python 2.0 source distribution there seems to be
> config.h file in the \Include directory (nor is one created by the
build -
> which occurs successfully) but, the file is present in the Windows
> 2.0 .exe installer distribution and is #include(d) by Python.h.
> I was able to build Python 2.0 and several of its optional libraries
> the config.h file but when I tried to build the mxtools extensions,
> said it could not find a config.h file.
> I suspect that mxtools is simply out of date for 2.0 but I can't
figure out
> why Python.h should not always complain about not finding config.h
> ...Bob

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