Python with XML opinion?

Harry George hgg9140 at
Tue Nov 7 03:06:07 CET 2000

I've taught both perl and python (to beginners, experienced shell
programmers, and C programmers), and there is no question: beginners
should start with perl.  A sys admin might feel more comfortable in
perl, up to about 100 lines.  But even dyed-in-the-wool perlers are
moving to python for serious projects (multi-module, OOP, nested
dynamic structures, etc.).  After three years of nothing but perl, I
moved to python over a 2 week period.  A friend (who taught perl for
over 5 years) did so over a weekend.

These days, we do a lot of XML in python, and it is an excellent
match.  We have found that normal coding styles (e.g., applicable to
xml in java) are too verbose -- after you start thinking in terms of
dynamic definition and coding, you can drop the lines-of-code (and the
"accidental complexity") substantially.

korova at (Chris) writes:

> I was just looking for an opinion about learning Python in association with 
> XML. I am new to programming, and from what I have found it seems either 
> Python or Pearl would be my best bet to begin to learn programming. Thanks 
> for any info.

Harry George
hgg9140 at

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