Style: global configuration data

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Sun Nov 12 21:07:39 CET 2000

Our new laundry detergent whitens your whites and blackens your blacks!  It
even programs Python while you sleep!


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Michael Hudson's sig block says:

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> 59. In English every word can be verbed. Would that it were so in
>     our programming languages.
>   -- Alan Perlis,

Lermontov's poem Parus (The Sail) starts out the with Russian word for white
(Byelo) used as a verb:

(Byelyeet Parus odinaky. . .)

Maybe Perlis knows how to 'verb' the word white, but I sure don't.  Shines?
Glistens?  Glitters? Coruscates?  Bleaches?  Blanches?  Whites?  I don't

Hyperbole is the greatest invention of mankind.


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