idle6.0 german umlauts (ascii > 128 Exception)

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Tue Nov 7 21:13:13 CET 2000

"Walter.Zettel" <Walter.Zettel at> wrote in message
news:8u9afu$3ee$04$1 at
> Hello all responders,
> thank you for your help. I got another hint by someone, who reads this ng:
> in lib/ there is a line:
> encoding="ascii"
> I changed it to:
> encoding="latin1"
> and this works for me.
> But now I have one more question:
> Is this the official way to do it? Or have I to do somethin like "import
> local"

The 'official way' is not to touch, but add your
customization in a separate file in
the same directory.  There, you can call

    import sys

or something similar, as I suggested in the post you
are here responding to.  The setdefaultencoding method
is removed at the end of, so you can only use
it up to the time that is called, not
later.  (I can't see this stuff in the docs, but the comments
of do make it reasonably clear).


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