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Faisal Rudijanto faisalr at
Tue Nov 21 14:08:15 CET 2000

Dear All Python'ers...

I am a beginner in programming C, but I am Familiar with 
Pascal, basic and HTML programming. 

One day I found  Python programming language and I've try 
to use python, but I'm still confuse what I am gonna do...?
It's like Calculator....that's All.

So I want to ask you  about the basic simple program 
result by Python...please give me your first fundamental 
program that produced by Python with the source code.

And can you tell me  where  internet sites (except which provide 
the simple literature and example source code and program result
produced by python in win9x/Dos platform.

At last thank you for your attention...

Best regards

Dept. Of Physics


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