Python 9 Paper Submissions

Olivier Dagenais olivierS.dagenaisP at canadaA.comM
Wed Nov 1 01:39:33 CET 2000

> The deadline for submitting a paper to the Python 9 conference is next
> Monday, November 6. Knowing the work habits of the Python community, I
> the deadline a Monday instead of Friday. Instead of partying all weekend
> usual, why not write up your work and submit it at:

I am working on an interesting project made entirely in Python that has
technology/ideas which might make a good paper, but I'm not sure if I am
doing something that already exists in some shape or form as a commercial
product or as a combination of other technologies.  Since I'm still a
student and I don't know much about what's out there, I opted for the route
which would get me to learn more about the technologies involved while being
assured it wouldn't cost me huge licensing fees or whatnot.

I am planning on going open-source with it, which might set me apart from a
commercial product, but that's hardly a reason to write a paper, is it?

Anybody here knowledgeable about database synchronization, client-server
architectures and RAD tools that I could throw my ideas at to see if I've
got something worth writing a paper?


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