conditionals in lambdas?

Bryn Keller brk at
Fri Nov 3 22:22:27 CET 2000

One possibility is to use the when function from

>>> from lazy import *
>>> filterloaddata = lambda x:when(x[:9] == "#LOADDATA", 1, 0)

The when function also works with lazy expressions, which is why it's in the lazy
module. is part of the Xoltar Toolkit, available at . The package also contains
other tools that someone who's keen on lambdas might appreciate.

Hope that helps,


"Michael P. Soulier" wrote:

>     Hey people. If I want to put conditions in a lambda function, how would I
> go about that?
> def test(string):
>     if string[:3] == 'yes:
>         return 1
>     else:
>         return 0
>     I'd like to make something like this a lambda function. Is that possible?
>     Mike
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