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Thu Nov 9 16:56:30 CET 2000

Brendhan Horne wrote:
> It's true...It's all true  :-( I am running Win98se. I will be running Linux
> in the near future just be patient.  I got learn a little python first. It
> is a crushing blow to know that once again windows doesn't work well with
> others. :-( .
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> Thanks,
> Brendhan
Well, one of the nicer things about Python is that the implementors have
gone to considerable trouble to accommodate Windows platforms, unlike some
other open-source products, which start UNIX and stay UNIX.

Naturally, there are UNIX-dependent features which aren't available on
Microsloth platforms, and vice versa.  Mark Hammond has done a terrific
job of building Win32 add-ons for Python which allow you to do most of
what you'd want to do in Windows.  For example, I had never written a
COM server until I read "Programming Python in Win32".  That made it

The ASP platform is a little less usable "in the raw" using Python, mostly
due to the considerable language hacks in VBScript to make collections
easier to use like variables.  But you can still do it (I'm currently
testing a dynamic self-editing ASP web under Personal Web Server on Win98,
for example, and I expect this to transfer pretty directly to IIS on NT).

So, don't feel any pressure to migrate to Linux -- I've heard rumors that
more people use Python under Windows than under UNIX, and very few people
on c.l.p. seem to be platform bigots!

learning-Python-is-more-important-that-learning-Linux-ly y'rs - steve
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