Python and Databases ?

Frank Z. Gligic zGligic at
Tue Nov 14 07:40:15 CET 2000

Hi Folks:

This is my very first posting.  In fact, it was only a couple of nights ago
that I ended up spending some 5 hours in a book store and all of it, for the
very first time, flipping through 4 Python books.  Well, I fell in love.
Being relatively new and still feeling  a bit intimidated by OOP, I ended up
buying "Learning Python" by Lutz & Ascher from O'Reilly.  I have also been
skipping around Guido's tutorial and most of it makes sense.

I have also been lurking around this news group in a bit of a confusion.  My
main interests are the good old business applications, which live and die
mostly by the strength (speed and robustness) of their database integration.
So far, I have noticed postings that mention some ODBC modules as well as
something called DCOracle.  I have looked at neither and mostly because I am
still at the 'tutorial' stage.

I am hoping that going forward to Python does not mean going backward to
ODBC.  DCOracle sounds nice.  ;)

However, what I am really, really hoping for is a set of modules that are
'SQLish' and that hide the 'native' integration to at least the commercial
beasts (: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Progress, etc :) and maybe even mySQL
and PostgreSQL.

Could somebody please point me to something/anything to read that would give
me at least a good overview of the state of things, when it comes to Python
and databases ?

We are all prisoners of our own experience(s)

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