Comparaison on GUI toolkit on python

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Fri Nov 3 14:35:28 CET 2000

carniel <fcarniel at> wrote:

> I have a big multi plate forme (linux, mac, win) application to write.
> My criter is : rapidity, i need tree, table, frame, popup menu widget, and a
> graphic designer

> Actually i am looking wxWindows , qtPython, TK.

> Do you know other solution ?
> Where can i find a comparaison?
> Is this tool inproved ?
> where can i find some Designed, and Programming editor dedicate to python ?

> Thank you for you information?

> PS: Excuse me if this question is already asked in this groupe i fall in
> love with python, but it new for me

You definately want to look into the great pygtk and python-gnome
bindings by James H. (

Together with the libglade bindings and the GUI builder GLADE
(, python really is mature enough for
building standalone GUI applications.


    Regards & Gruesse from Mickey @
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