wxPython 2.2.2 demo crashes

Niki Spahiev spahievi at vega.bg
Thu Nov 2 20:38:42 CET 2000

01.11.2000, 20:34:29, Robin Dunn wrote:

>> NOT TRUE. I use HTMLHELP workshop on NT4 SP3 without IE4 or IE5

RD> Are you sure about that?  The help viewer uses the WebBrowser COM
RD> control to display the content, so you've probably got IE hidden
RD> somewhere on your system otherwise the viewer wouldn't work.  (IE
RD> is just a shell around this COM control.)  IIRC, it may have been
RD> installed as part of SP3...

Yes but it is IE 3.02 which i don't consider harmful.

Best regards,
 Niki Spahiev

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