Red/Green Bars

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Nov 9 07:49:48 CET 2000

Mike Fletcher wrote:
> Sure, you don't know anything about the Canadian Conspiracy. Of course
> <wink>, nothing to see here citizen <wink>, just look the other way <blink>.
> Would be easier if you didn't always wear red coats, though :o) .
> Lorne Green was _not_ responsible for the creation of the Green card,
> definitely not.

Green Bars?  Lorne Green?  Coincidence?  I think not...

(He-he, I'd forgotten about that movie.)

Regarding the fact that all Canadians are like Benton Fraser: all true
except the part about picking up stray things from the sidewalk (like
dog poop), licking them, and from that discerning in which direction the
perpetrator just ran.

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