starting to learn python

Lyle Johnson ljohnson at
Thu Nov 2 01:19:56 CET 2000

Aahz has already pointed you to the free on-line tutorial that is part of
the standard Python documentation. If you're willing to spend some more
money on a old-fashioned book (i.e. the kind that comes printed on paper) I
can highly recommend "Learning Python" by Mark Lutz & David Ascher. It's
from O'Reilly and I think it cost around $29.95.

"Programming Python" is pretty hard-core stuff, but a good book to have in
your library for later. I think a long-overdue update is on the way (current
edition was circa Python 1.3 or 1.4) but I don't know the latest ETA on

"Deek40" <deek40 at> wrote in message
news:20001101132218.27050.00000020 at
> I am interested in learning python, i purchased the book Programming
Python and
> read most of it, but i am still a little stumped is their  a good place to
> start?  I know how to do some basic COBOL if that helps any, i dont think
> but who knows.  Thanks
> Deek

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