Lost at C

Neil Cerutti cerutti at together.net
Tue Nov 14 21:50:54 CET 2000

Grant Edwards posted:
>In article <Y%JO5.955$Uo2.21194 at newscontent-01.sprint.ca>, Bruce Dodson wrote:
>>"Daniel Klein" <DanielK at aracnet.com> wrote 
>>> Do you have to learn C to use Python?
>>Definitely not.  It helps with a few advanced aspects, such as
>>moving performance-critical functionality out to a C extension
>>module.  For the great majority of Python develpment, it is
>>just not needed.
>While knowlege of C isn't needed, it is *occasionally* useful to
>be familiar with the standard C library routines.  Many of the
>CPython library routines are influenced by the underlying C
>library routines -- and they're available on most platforms
>with a thin Python wrapper.
>I wouldn't worry about it though.  It won't matter unless you
>get into doing low-level, platform-specific tricks.

Yeah. Low-level platform-specific tricks like executing programs
or receiving input from the user. ;-) Bizzare happenings related
to C may bite you in the ass, but there's a fine support group
here to help apply balm to the C-bites.

Neil Cerutti <cerutti at together.net>

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