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> I am trying to install wxPython on my Redhat 7.0 system. I installed
> wxGTK-2.2.0-0.i386.rpm and then tried to install the
> wxPython-2.2.2-1-Py15.i386.rpm but I recieved the following error:
> is needed by wxPython-2.2.2-1
> What am I doing wrong?
 From the Prerequisites section of the wxPython download area:

In order to use the wxGLCanvas you'll need to have either OpenGL or the
Mesa3D library on your system. Please note that the binary RPMs below
have a dependency on the GL and GLU libraries so you'll need to have
them on your system or the wxPython extension won't load. You can get
the RPM for Mesa that I am using on my system from here. wxPython's
wxGLCanvas only provides the GL Context and a wxWindow to put it in, so
you will also need the PyOpenGL Python extension module as well.

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