Python as an alternative to JavaScript?

D-Man dsh8290 at
Sat Nov 18 18:26:38 CET 2000

That would be very cool for client-side things like "animating" button presses.

There is a project (called PSP) that allows python to be embedded in web pages, but it is server-side.


On Sat, 18 Nov 2000 07:55:01 Martin von Loewis wrote:
 | "Benjamin Scherrey" <scherrey at> writes:
 | > I'm very interested in some kind of web-browser plugin that would
 | > allow me to embed Python into a webpage like one can currently do
 | > with JavaScript. Does such a thing exist and, if not, what kind of
 | > effort would be involved to implement such a thing? Are there any
 | > major sticking points? My platforms of choice are Netscape/Explorer
 | > under Windows and Netscape under Linux.
 | It is very easy to embed Python into IE, since both IE and Python
 | support the ActiveScripting architecture; just look at the relevant
 | PythonWin demos.
 | There used to be a Python plugin for Netscape. I don't know whether
 | that is still functional.
 | Regards,
 | Martin
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