ANN.: Beta 1.0 of Weak Reference Extension Module is nowavailable

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Sun Nov 19 21:36:57 CET 2000

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  "Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> wrote:
> Karsten Schneider wrote:
> > And of course, is the Python team considering adopting this
> > for the next release of Python?
> not as is -- python's written in C, not C++...
> but some kind of weak reference model is definitely on the
> list of things being considered for 2.1:
> </F>
I am actually planning on re-writing the module in pure "C", which will
make it 100% pure CPython extension. Also, I will write the same module
for JPython. One might ask "what is wrong with Java's weak references?"
The answer is simple - nothing! The module will simply provide the
compatibility with its CPython's counterpart.


Alex Shindich

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