[Python Prog on Win32] Uninstalling a service?

SNYDER, BARRON F. (AIT) BARRON.F.SNYDER at msg.ameritech.com
Tue Nov 14 21:04:22 CET 2000

I have a few questions about setting up Python services under NT:
When using PythonService.exe to create NT services, how do I get rid of
(delete) an installed service? 

Also, if I change the code for the installed service, do I need to reinstall
the service, or will it automatically recompile the .py file when I stop and
restart the service? 

Is there any documentation for PythonService.exe that might explain these
things (other than the excellent "Python Programming on Win32" book)? I
didn't see any in the help file that ships with Win32 Extensions.


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