bad python modules

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Tue Nov 14 00:06:57 CET 2000

"sp00fD" <sp00fD at> wrote in message
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> As a language, I like python more than perl.  However, the modules that
> are available seem lacking in comparison to perl's.  Why is this?  Is

Because you still haven't gotten around to making YOUR contribution!

Nothing is stopping you, for example, from taking the best traits of
(say) the current CGI, Cookie, and Htmlgen modules, and merging
them into one super-duper "watch-ma-just-one-import!" module,
for example.  You can also easily reuse the existing Python codes
of those modules, without copy-and-paste hackery, so you'll pick
up possible future enhancements for free.

I suspect the reason such super-modules are not often distributed
is just that it's so EASY to glue them up -- no mystery about it --
so most people prefer to roll their own rather than download and
use somebody else's idea of perfection.

But, hey, why not roll the tide back?  It's easy and cheap, and if
MANY people want it and can't be bothered to roll their own, they'll
come to YOUR super-module in droves.  Why not try...?


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