curses in Python 2.0?

Erik Max Francis max at
Fri Nov 10 19:28:05 CET 2000

Ulf Betlehem wrote:

>         Based on the line numbers, I suspect that your version of
>         cplay is rather old. Newer versions have been tested with
>         Python 2.0 and seem to work just fine:

Well, that would certainly explain it.  And here I was, presuming that
cplay was unsupported.

1.40 definitely works fine with Python 2.0.  Thanks.

In other porting news, I had written quite a few (relatively involved)
Python scripts to do various sundry activities (an interface library to
a talker as well as numerous programs that acted as bots which served as
chess game arbiters, dealt cards, etc.); the only change I had to make
in porting to Python 2.0 was changing the call to socket.connect to use
a tuple, which I had already known about from reading summaries of the
changes.  Pretty painless.

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