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I am working on a system that will, in the end, have the RAD (rapid
application developement) features of Visual Basic, while being
cross-platform and able to create apps that are cross-platform.  I'm using
wxPython and Gadfly and I'd also recommend you take a look at those.

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> I have been using computers for 10 years : MAC->WINDOWS->now LINUX
> I am only now beginning to see the light.
> Also I beleive Python is the replacement for Visual Basic which was my
> main language.
> I am very interested in the CROSS PLATFORM abilities of Python and am
> about to start a big project with PYTHON
> What is in your opinion the best way to develope high performance front
> ends LIKE Visual Basic Forms/compiled which is then EASILY cross platform
> compiled to use in windows and also
> in Linux windows. I am very interested in the best Linux GUI that complies
> with windows in terms of Objects like Listboxs / Buttons / Picturebox's.
> I want to use python as a scripting tool for a highly functional database
> creation application.
> 1st question is what are the best compilers to create fast backend PYTHON
> objects in for windows/linux.
> 2nd Question  is what are the best tools/compilers to create windows and
> front end objects so I don't have to RECODE for both platforms.
> I was wondering is there a C++ toolkits/libraries that are helpful
> in getting the GUI objects ported easily.
> I was also wondering where I can get good examples of python code as I
> have been spoilt for to long by the huge VB community.

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