Wits end

Courageous jkraska1 at san.rr.com
Sun Nov 12 07:33:01 CET 2000

>If I click on  hello.py the Dos window flashes for a second and is

What's happened is that the console has appeared, printed hello world,
and disappeared. This is a windows issue. If you want to be able to see
the output, you'll either have to run from a cmd prompt, or write a real
windows program.

>4. Read countless outdated hard for this idiot to understand tutorials for
>the non programmer to the genius level.

You are, misfortunately, getting confused by the fact that at some point,
the documentation for Python ends and the documentation for Windows

>1. From a C:\ hello.py I get bad command or file name. Now I have the
>hello.py file in my python20 folder on C: and I also have it my Monty folder
>in my D:

c:> cd \Monty
c:> python hello.py

>2. From a C:\python hello.py I get C:\python20\python.exe: can't open file

c:> python \Monty\hello.py


Both of the above assume that "python.exe" is in your PATH somewhere.


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