Are There Any *)$%)%_ Installation Instructions???

Rodrigo Senra rodsenra at
Sat Nov 18 02:04:53 CET 2000

Ben Ocean wrote:
> Hi;
> I tried installing the regular distro. No luck. No response from the list
> to my plea for help. Gave up. Now, I've got this *()*(&)&*( rpm file and it
> doesn't even have any freakin' instructions!!! C'mon, I wanna get this
> *(*&T^%^ thing installed and working!!! Anybody care to show me where the
> freakin' directions are???

I'm not sure what you are talking about but I guess you
have some kind pf RPM (possibly a python---.rpm) in your
possesion that you want to be installed. If this is the case,

 rpm -ivh the-name.rpm

if it is a first time install or

 rpm -Uvh the-name.rpm

if it is a upgrade. 
BTW, you didn't say the magic word ;o)...
that is why I am not going to tell you be logged as root.
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