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Mon Nov 6 11:03:51 CET 2000

"Tom" <nospam at> wrote in message
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> Looks interesting.
> But it kinda looks like its for spammers, or people who want to download
> porno pics (features like 'no posting limits', and 'multimedia archives').

I've been using a Newsguy 'Basic Account' since March, and I'm
reasonably satisfied, although sometimes with comp.lang.python
in particular there are peculiar delays/skews sometimes (but I
know of no news-server that doesn't occasionally suffer such
glitches, particularly with NG's that are tied to ML's too...).

The usage policy a Newsguy subscriber must accept includes:

"Spam, defined as commercial messages posted to non-commercial
news groups, off topic posts to a newsgroup, or large scale
redundant posts, are not permitted on the service ... We will do
our best to screen out these types of messages arriving from feed
sources, from our own servers and from outbound feeds. Users posting
spam messages will be cautioned the first time, then subscription
terminated or placed on permanent post restriction, on the second

And they do seem to put reasonable effort into implementing
this policy, from what I can see.

The "multimedia archives" are only available as a part of
the 'Extra' subscription (the $70/year one, NOT the $25/year
one which is the 'Basic' subscription -- I use the latter).

> It's nice to see that there is another place that offers searching of
> newsgroup archives - in case Deja ever dissapears (or gets too slow).

Careful, though -- the 'article search' feature of Newsguy
is also only included for 'Extra' level subscribers...!


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